Monday, July 6, 2009

In Memory of Drake Levin of Paul Revere and The Raiders

Drake Levin is pictured at the far right in this photograph of Paul Revere and The Raiders.

Danny Monigold and Drake Levin in 1965. Drake Levin is pictured on the right.

It is with deep sadness that I found out yesterday through my good friend Bob Wence of The E-Types about the passing of Drake Levin. He was a Guitarist with Paul Revere and The Raiders. Drake you will be dearly missed in the world of Music. Your Music touched the world and you will live on through your Music forever.

My deepest heart felt sympathies and condolences to The Levin Family for their loss.

Now for the Biography of Drake Levin:

Drake Maxwell Levinshefski (August 17, 1946 – July 4, 2009) was an American musician who performed under the stage name Drake Levin. He was best known as the guitarist for Paul Revere & the Raiders.

In 1966, Levin was forced to leave the performing version of the Raiders when he was called up for the draft. To avoid this he joined the National Guard instead. This enabled him to record with the group during his time off. The fact that this was done is an indication of how well Levin stood in with Revere, as well as his popularity with the fans and the worth of his playing, because producer Terry Melcher wasn't above bringing in session players whenever he felt it necessary. Subsequently, after Phil Volk and Mike "Smitty" Smith left the band, Levin reteamed with them in Brotherhood, a promising trio signed to RCA that never got its full chance to be heard, owing to the members' lingering contractual obligations to Columbia Records from their Raiders work.

He subsequently demonstrated his worth as a guitarist by working with Ananda Shankar, Emitt Rhodes, and Lee Michaels, among other artists. He has also participated in reunions of various ex-members of the Raiders, and worked with his friend Phil Volk on several occasions.

After a long battle with cancer, Drake Levin passed away July 4, 2009 at his home in San Francisco, with his wife Sandra at his side. He was 62.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Four New Songs Added To The E-Types Playlist

Dear Fans of The E-Types:

The following songs have been added to the Playlist.

1. "All I've Got Left To Do",
2. "I Remember When I Loved Her"
3. "Big City"
4. "All I've Got Left To Do"
5. "Violet"
6. "Torture and Ecstasy"

Enjoy, sit back, relax and enjoy the lovely Music of The E-Types!! A huge thank you and a round of applause for Bob Wence and The E-Types. Bob Wence has such a beautiful singing voice and is an excellent rythmn Guitarist. I admire him very much.

Love and Peace,

Tina M.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The E-Types Biography

Left to Right...Don, Danny, Bob, Reggie & Jody (standing) The photo was on our first 45..on the Link Record Label. Later is was released on Dot Records. The Photo was taken in 1965 at the San Juan Baptista Mission in California.

Now for the Biography of The E-Types!! (Thank you to Beverly Paterson)

San Francisco will forever by remembered as the City that basked in Psychedelic fog during the sixties, but journey down south a hundred miles or so and ask the residents of the farming Community Salinas what they recall most about the era, and there's a mighty good chance a high percentage of them with reply "The Music of the E-Types". Made up of Lead Singer and Rhythmn Guitarist Bob Wence, lead guitarist Don Shephard, Bassist Danny Monigold, Keyboardist Jody Wence and Drummer Reggie Shaffer, the legendary band testified to be hot stuff the moment they arrived on the scene, driving local audiences into a wild frenzy via their accomplished blend of Byrdisian Folk Rock and Merseybeat fashioned power pop.

Like so many bands of their generation, the E-Types encountered massive regional Fame, but they were never granted the opportunity to be heard outside their terrority. Had the band been properly promoted, there's no doubt their singles would
have stormed the airwaves far and wide! Beginning in the Spring of 1966 with the beautifully breezy "I Can't Do It" backed by "Long Before" an equally catchy slice of melodious garage pop, the E-Types became increasingly more assured with each disc they issued. The band's second record "She Moves Me," stood as a bubbly rocker, while the flipside "Love of The Loved" was an emotional treatment of an obscure John Lennon and Paul McCartney composition.

Though the E-Types were not shy went it came to tackling raw punk - and anyone who as fortunate enough to have seen the band LIVE can attest to their remarkable interpretations of Yardbirds tunes - their forte' clearly remained in the harmony department, fostered by vocals so spotless and impeccable.

The band's third single, "Put The Clock Back On The Wall," reared its head in 1967, and accurately captured the crazy hazy mood of the year. Devised of trippy lyrics scrawled by the ace songwriting team of Alan Gordon and Gary Bonner (The Turtles, Petula Clark, and the Lovin' Spoonful), the psychedelic pop classic bristled with tight orchestration, circled by the E-Types' signature pitch of right on choruses.

The band's final record ("Big City/"Back To Me") was released that Autumn. Cut of a feathery folk pop cloth, both songs were perceptively softer than any of the E-Types' previous endeavors.

In 1968, the band felt they had run out of gas and elected to call it quits. Alongside the four singles they released, the E-Types recorded a slew of material that never saw the light of day - until now that is! Sundazed Records (home of just about every under appreciated sixties pop, garage, and psychedelic band imaginable) in New York is getting ready to unleash a CD filled with nuggets, duly titled "Introducing The E-Types". On top of featuring a handful of demos that should have been issues as singles, the amazing record also involves live tracks, so timeless they're destined to send chills up your spine.

Written by: Beverly Paterson

Saturday, March 14, 2009


"Put The Clock Back On The Wall" - Available at!

The song was featured in a 1968 movie titled "Blonde On A Bum Trip" and was filmed in New York City.

Released in 1966 - The E-Types most popular song!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob Wence and John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful)

John Sebastian was born on March 17, 1944 in New York. The Lovin' Spoonful were the backup band on Sonny and Cher's hit 'They're On the Outside'.

My friend Bob Wence of The E-Types is pictured on the left. He is such a talented Singer, Musician, and Guitarist. I admire him very much!

Happy Holidays! Please leave your comments as they would be greatly appreciated!!

Peace and Love,

Actress, Fashionista, and Writer

Fender Daphne blue Guitar!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Space and Time - Film by Bob Wence

This is an excellent video created by Bob Wence of The E-Types.

Alternative song to his Motorcycle Ride. "Space & Time" by the Fraternal Order Of The ALL.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The E-Types in 1965

BOB - far left
DANNY - upper left
REGGIE - middle
JODY - upper right
DON - far right

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Introducing The E-Types!!!!!!

The E-Types - 1965

Bob Wence of The E-Types - 1965

Reg Shaffer of The E-Types - 1965

Introducing The E-Types

Track Listing:

1. I Can't Do It - The E-Types, Hosford, Larry
2. Love of the Loved - The E-Types, Lennon, John
3. Live - The E-Types, Rhodes, Emitt
4. Put the Clock Back on the Wall - The E-Types, Bonner, G
5. Big City - The E-Types, Walsh, J.
6. She Moves Me - The E-Types, Cobb, Ed
7. Back to Me - The E-Types, Barlow, Randy
8. No Milk Today - The E-Types, Gouldman, Graham
9. 4th Street - The E-Types, Barlow, R
10. Long Before - The E-Types, Hosford, Larry
11. A Clown's No Good - The E-Types, Rhodes, Emitt
12. Evil Hearted You - The E-Types, Gouldman, Graham
13 Mister, You're a Better Man Than I - The E-Types, Hugg, Mike
14. Shapes of Things - The E-Types, McCarty, Jim [UK]
15. Things We Said Today - The E-Types, Lennon, John
16. Still in Love With You Baby - The E-Types, Elliott, Ron [1]
17. Just a Little - The E-Types, Elliott, Ron [1]
18. Let's Not Talk About It - The E-Types, Hosford, Larry
19. It's Better Than I Planned - The E-Types, Hosford, Larry
20. I Can't Do It - The E-Types, Hosford, Larry

Ed Cobb (Producer), Leo Kulka (Producer), Jody Wence (Keyboards), Jody Wence (Vocals), Leo de GarKulka (Producer), The E-Types (Producer), The E-Types (Main Performer), Jud Cost (Producer), Jud Cost (Liner Notes), Danny Monigold (Bass), Reggie Shaffer (Drums), Don Shephard (Guitar), Don Shephard (Vocals), Bob Wence (Guitar (Rhythm)), Bob Wence (Vocals), Bob Irwin (Producer), Bob Irwin (Mastering), Bob Irwin (Mixing), Kip Smith (Mastering), Kip Smith (Mixing), Jeff Smith (Design)


Terry Shehorn - wearing a cool tye-dye Guitar T-shirt

"Urban Blight"

This song was recorded in 1997 and the Musicians that performed this tune are as follows:

Bob Wence / Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Danny Monigold / Bass Guitar
Reg Shaffer / Drums
Terry Shehorn / Lead Guitars
Brian Johnston / Lead Guitars
John Snell / Tambourine
John Silva / Keyboards

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Jump, Jive, and Harmonize by Beverly Paterson
The Lance Monthly, October 2006

Between the years 1965 and 1967, The E-Types accepted a handful of sterling singles. Tunes like "I Can't Do It," "Long Before", "She Moves Me," and "Put The Clock Back On The Wall" revealed the Salinas, California band's knack for fusing British invasion sounds with their own distinctive approach. As is the situation with dozens of acts of their kind, The E-Types became ever more important, credible and respected as the years wore on. It's the truth that they are now the most admirable bands of the sixties garage rock era, standing shoulder to shoulder with famed figures such as the Standells, the Blue Magoos, the Remains, the Knickerbockers, and Don and The Goodtimes.

Towards the tail end of the nineties, the E-Types reformed and issued "Chase The Moon, " which fully indicated they hadn't lost a pint of greatness.
Maintaining the very same style that originally elevated them to the top of the hill, it was as if the band had never been away. Buoyed by the drooling accolades they harvested, it was only expected the E-Types would eventually get together again
and record more material.

Although it's taken nearly a decade for a new disc to surface. "Some Time Soon" has been well worth the wait. Had the album been released in the sixties, there's little argument it would have achieved classic status. Staying true to their influences, the E-Types work in a realm bundled tight with modern melodies, divine choruses and glittering guitar gestures.

The first two tracks on the record, "All I've Got Left To Do" and "Some Time Soon" capture the band in a hard rocking frame of mind. Brushing power chords surrounded by crunchy beats are what these fiery numbers are constructed of. Modeled after the early Kinks, "It's What You Do To Me" would surely make Ray Davies beam with pride. Dominated by a needing hook, the herky-jerky gem is highly addictive and guaranteed to keep you humming for hours to come. A remake of John Lennon with Paul McCartney's "I'll Be On My Way" which features a bout of bongo playing, is outright gorgeous. Layered with airy textures and aching vocals, here's a tune that tickles the emotions and is performed with care and conviction. "She Didn't Say No," and "Never Have I Seen Anything" are comparably magnificent, as they're both pronounced by compact arrangements and striking instrumentation.

Cleanly produced, but not overly so "Some Time Soon" contains all the proper ingredients that those unforgettable songs from which the heyday of pop radio benefitted. If you weren't aware who recorded the Album, you would swear those goodies were lost nuggets from The Hollies, the Searchers, or the Tremloes. Let's hear it for the E-Types for whipping up another smash selection of songs. Brimming with heartfelt sincerity, choice chops, and natural energy, "Some Time Soon" is a
solid gold accomplishment.


Chase The Moon was released in 1998

There are three songs from the "Chase The Moon" CD:

1. It's What You Do To Me
2. So I Hang On
3. I Remember When I Loved Her

This CD has three original E-Types members and a few friends:

Bob Wence........Lead vocals, Background Vocals, and Rythmn Guitar
Danny Monigold...Bass Guitar
Reg Shaffer......Drums
John Snell.......Background Vocals
Brian Johnston...Lead Guitar
John Silva...... Keyboards


BY: Michael McDowell


The late 1990's was a time of paradoxes in the world of rock and roll. On one hand, mainstream rock was as its lowest aesthetic ebb since the early 1970's with so-called boby bands vying for attention with countless pedestrian rappers.

Conversely, the late 1990's was also a time of remarkable creativity for some of rock and roll's best loved pioneers. Most notably, the Monkees in 1966 released their landmark self-contained and produced "Justus", which was subsequently celebrated by Blitz Magazine as the #2 albums of the twentieth century.

The late 1990's also witnessed career triumphs from Jay And The Techniques, as well as the original lineup of the Box Tops ("Tear Off") and the Cowsills, whose astounding "Global" collection was the recipient of numerous rave reviews and accolades.

In the forefront of that heartening return to form amongst rock and roll legends was "Chase The Moon," a stunning collection of mostly original material by the legendary Bay Area garage band, the E-Types.

Best known for such Sunburst label standards as "She Moves Me," and "Put The Clock Back On The Wall", the E-Types in "Chase The Moon" pulled off the unlikely accomplishment of surpassing their own formidably legacy.

But despite the tremendous momentum generated by "Chase The Moon," the E-Types curiously and regrettably faded from the spotlight.

In 2001, I received a call from Gilles Raffier, who runs Pop The Baloon Records in Lyon, France." the band's Bob Wence told Blitz.

He wanted me to record a couple of new songs to add with two songs from "Chase The Moon" and released an E-Types EP on vinyl in France. I went back into the studio and recorded a few more songs over the next year. Two of those songs "Never Have I Seen, and "She Didn't Say No" were finished and sent to France."

Given France's track record of promoting and sustaining the careers of numerous American rock and roll pioneers via reissue CDs and other unavailable collections of new material, such a project would seem destined for success. Sadly, it was not meant to be at that time.

"Gilles started working on the EP" said Wence. "But unfortunately he passed away suddenly in the middle of the project. About that time, my Dad and Aunt both had serious health problems. This was talking a lot out of me. I had to put the rest of the unfinished songs back on the shelf".

But by 2005, Wence was able to make his committments into balance sufficiently to once again be able to focus upon the band's projects. However, other unexpected developments again delayed the project for several more months.

"Last year, I decided to finish what I started" Wence explained. "But by this time, the studiio had closed and my A-DAT tapes had disappeared."

Nonetheless, the current chapter of the E-Types' saga has a happy ending.

"I finally tracked (the tapes) down," said Wence. To make a long story short, I found a new studio and finished the songs about a month ago."

The CD has eight songs on it. Six songs are new and two are remixed and remastered. Those two songs are from 'Chase The Moon'. 'It's What You Do To Me' and 'I'll Be On My Way".

Given the substantial aesthetic inroads made in the 1990's with "Chase The Moon", the E-Types seem poised to reprise that triump in the current decade.

"I am hoping that it will be back from the pressing plant within the month" said Wence. Given the ongoing impact of "Chase The Moon," the impending new release "Some Time Soon" is certain to be one of the most welcome releases of the decade to date.


PUT THE CLOCK BACK ON THE WALL Released in 1967 by Capitol Records


When the local population starts to worry about your mood
Starts to wonder why the clouds are in your eyes
You can tell them that it's the flowers or the cinder in the air
but don't let on what's under your disguise


I can't reveal what's inside or behind me and
thoughts that are real I can't feel
They won't find me


Put the clock back on the wall!
I've been away where the night meets the morning
Flashes of gray bring the day and it's warning me.


Put the clock black on the wall!

When the local populations starts to act a little strange.

Starts to make you giggle to yourself inside, and he'll ask you why you're laughing as he laughs along with you, you don't know but you both laughed so hard you cried,


Put the clock back on the wall!